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survival guide for holiday eating

Yes, this article is necessary and in my opinion very timely.  I actually considered raising this red flag Monday before Thanksgiving, but I figured since the traditional Thanksgiving meal consisted of mostly healthy eats, I let myself and my readers slide.

Ladies and some gents, take note this holiday season when it comes to (over) eating, especially when over 40.  There is no excuse in my opinion to binge eating during the holiday season and it really doesn’t matter how pretty that five layer chocolate cake looks. Keep in mind, plans to diet after the holidays is a myth and losing the 5 – 7 extra pounds, you put on every holiday season, is almost impossible when you are over 40.

Even those who are conscious and consider themselves most savy when it comes to food and nutrition, often tend to slip during the holiday season.  So, for the sake of a friendly reminder, consider the following:

1. The key to surviving temptation is self-control and discipline.

2. While at a holiday gathering or dinner parties, stay away from the food display table while mingling or socializing or networking – whatever term you want to use to simply talk to people.

3. Limit starchy foods and bypass the dessert display all together. Eat fresh fruits or dried ones instead.

4. Don’t forgo breakfast and lunch during the day in anticipation of the evening get together. Maintain your daily eating schedule to stay on track, even during the holidays.

5. Avoid being the last to visit the buffet table so not to pile your plate based on  watching all the goodies on other’s plates seated all around you.

6. Opt for a single glass of champagne if available and avoid mixed drinks unless you plan to be the life of the party and pay for it afterwards.

7. Forego coffee for a cup of herbal (non-caffinated) tea if available. If not, drink Perrier instead.

8. And if the above list isn’t at all useful, sit or stand next to the skinniest woman at the party, believe me that will do the trick for sure.

9. Last, don’t lag on your exercise regime during the holiday season, no matter how bad the weather outside is. Stay focused and if not anything else, do some walking (in a mall) with the right walking shoes, ice skate (if available in your neck of the woods) or swim indoors to compensate for a run along  the beach or a marathon across town, and if all else fails, borrow your teenager’s IPOD and dance to his/her music in the garage, while everyone is either asleep or not at home  (Just in case you can’t dance). Find a way to stay active during winter no matter what.  This my friends, is probably the best suggestion I can offer. It will for sure help you physically and also mentally endure the holiday over eating temptations.

10. Finally, next to last, don’t be hard on yourself. Relax, know what it takes to maintain control and stay focused. And remember, don’t ever feel as tho you need to fit in by over eating or drinking too much. Rely on your personal charm for that and know that everyone in the room is as nervous and insecure as you may feel at these gatherings. Good Luck

Note: Although there is  alot of helpful information available online to use as reference in order to  survive the holiday eating frenzy, I welcome anyone to also share their personal suggestions on the remarks section of this  blog entry. Thanks for listening. 🙂

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