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christmas gift ideas for her – casual outfits

I think men have it tougher than women, while choosing the right gift for the woman in their lives.  This is not because they don’t buy what she wishes for, such as a sweater, a blouse or a pair of jeans and some fun boots, but it’s because they have a tough time choosing age appropriate outfits  for their (sometimes) self-conscious woman over 40.

So for that reason I have compiled some safe pieces to consider while shopping for the casual look most women over 40 crave, without sacrificing style and elegance.

Outfit 1: click here to find the details. Keep in mind although the jeans suggested is a pair of skinny jeans, you can actually replace those with a pair of boot cut or others to consider here and opt out of buying the boots. Although the look is age appropriate, it has a  touch of youthfulness and fun to it which most women over 40 appreciate and can support.

Outfit 2: click here to find the details. Again, the look is age appropriate with a bit of sexy yet classy. Once again, skinny jeans can be replaced for this look. A boot cut would do just fine as well.

Outfit 3:  click here, here and here for details. This particular outfit can also be paired with different jeans and boot styles. I just love the idea of wearing jeans with sweaters and flat boots.

Now just in case you have trouble reaching the links, my inspiration outfits are found on Eddie Bauer, Banana Republic and Ann Taylor websites. Enjoy!!!

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