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Boutique Hotel Pick – Beaverbrook Hotel, Surrey, England

In recent years I’ve fallen in love with the English countryside, which is where I was 20 years ago, dreaming of owning a cottage in England somewhere. I suppose I’ve made full circle. You see twenty years or so ago, I was walking about a street fair in San Francisco, and I noticed a set of photographs taken by a man in a booth aiming to sell them. They were all photographs of the English countryside. I bought four, already framed, and hung them in my home as soon as I walked in through the door – vowing to myself that I needed to see England past London. Two years back, I visited a friend who’d been living there for a while, and asked her to take me around the country – since she drove and I didn’t have the guts to. And surely, the experience was worth every penny. Here’s the thing, there is nothing like seeing the English countryside in your own personal car, not so much a group tour, but at your …

Lifestyle: How To Prepare for the Holidays If you Are Playing Host

The holiday season is upon us, and with it there is much to consider. Like how to clean or de-clutter your home in time for Thanksgiving dinner. Or perhaps your kitchen lacks the necessary gadgets to prepare the meal, then again, what about a dinning room, and a fresh coat of paint and…well you get the idea. For that here are some helpful suggestions to get your started.

Black Friday Shopping List and A Cup of Starbucks Coffee

Very carefully I plotted a list of purchases I wanted to make from some of my favorite stores in San Francisco. First Stop: Banana Republic I stocked up on sweaters Second: Bloomingdale’s for ankle boots. Searching for camel tone, ended up falling involve with these Third: Wish list for a new coat or two or three from Nordstrom We’ll talk gifts for family and friends later. I need a tall cup of coffee and a slice of lemon cake from Starbucks. 🙂

boutique hotel pick – la bellechasse – paris, france

During the rainy and gray Fall days, all I can think of is colors in decor and focus mainly on escaping somewhere warm and cozy, even if only for a weekend. Although Paris is approximately 12hours away from where I reside currently, I cannot help but search for colorful and extraordinary boutique hotels which fit my mood.  La Bellechasse fits that very exact feeling.  Check out the bedrooms below:  

christmas gift ideas for her – casual outfits

I think men have it tougher than women, while choosing the right gift for the woman in their lives.  This is not because they don’t buy what she wishes for, such as a sweater, a blouse or a pair of jeans and some fun boots, but it’s because they have a tough time choosing age appropriate outfits  for their (sometimes) self-conscious woman over 40. So for that reason I have compiled some safe pieces to consider while shopping for the casual look most women over 40 crave, without sacrificing style and elegance. Outfit 1: click here to find the details. Keep in mind although the jeans suggested is a pair of skinny jeans, you can actually replace those with a pair of boot cut or others to consider here and opt out of buying the boots. Although the look is age appropriate, it has a  touch of youthfulness and fun to it which most women over 40 appreciate and can support. Outfit 2: click here to find the details. Again, the look is age appropriate …