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Boutique Hotel Pick – Beaverbrook Hotel, Surrey, England

In recent years I’ve fallen in love with the English countryside, which is where I was 20 years ago, dreaming of owning a cottage in England somewhere. I suppose I’ve made full circle. You see twenty years or so ago, I was walking about a street fair in San Francisco, and I noticed a set of photographs taken by a man in a booth aiming to sell them. They were all photographs of the English countryside. I bought four, already framed, and hung them in my home as soon as I walked in through the door – vowing to myself that I needed to see England past London.

Two years back, I visited a friend who’d been living there for a while, and asked her to take me around the country – since she drove and I didn’t have the guts to. And surely, the experience was worth every penny. Here’s the thing, there is nothing like seeing the English countryside in your own personal car, not so much a group tour, but at your own pace – providing of course, you are not afraid to drive. Which is something I am hoping to overcome the fear of.

With all that said and done, I came across a newly opened hotel – Beaverbrook in Surrey, which require your attention – you know, just in case you are planning a driving through the countryside holiday in England. Can you imagine spending Christmas in this property?

{image source here, and here}

Have you seen this film? Highly recommend it if you haven’t – with Surrey in mind.


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