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San Francisco: A Penthouse Worth Talking About

I see this view every day from my office, and have taken many photos of the best sunrise on this side of town. See the ballpark in the background? Yup, that’s my Giants ballpark.


This is a photo I’ve taken in January from my office of ‘the tower’ at seven a.m. sunrise across the bay

Anyway, I’ve stared at this view for over five years, not once knowing that people actually live there, and that there is a story to their story, and now their penthouse is up for sale.

Wish I could put in an offer on the 8.5 million price tag 🙂  Check out the story here.

gallery-1461013638-920x920 gallery-1461013683-1024x1024-5 gallery-1461013742-1024x1024-2 gallery-1461013797-1024x1024-1

gallery-1461013904-1024x1024-6 gallery-1461013945-1024x1024-7 gallery-1461014054-1024x1024-8

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