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Travel: Some Helpful Tools and Other Basics

I travel to Europe every year, and have done so for the past twenty years. Meaning, I have no trouble finding my way around. But once in a while its good to have helpful tools or suggestions to keep in mind for the just in case.

4-26-2016 1-00-58 PM

How to use Google Maps while offline – can for sure come in handy

4-26-2016 1-09-47 PM

secrets to amazing photos on your smartphone

4-26-2016 1-03-24 PM

White Sounds Maker for Travel is a must? Interesting

4-26-2016 1-08-15 PM

How to Remove Tourists from your travel photo – For sure I will be using this one

4-26-2016 1-11-30 PM

App to find your luggage – now why didn’t I think of that

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