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Fashion: Dressing for Vacation

Spring is here, and that means the start of the vacation planning, and for some pre-season getaways.  With that concept, I am searching high and low for the perfect summer dresses, this year opting not to settle on wearing shorts and a T-shirt, unless I plan to take a hike (literally) or go to the beach here and here, and here.  You guessed it, I am going to Los Angeles.

Here’s what I am thinking:


My favorite sold out – hopefully temporarily – Taylor Poppin Dress


Ralph Lauren Candy Striped Dress – I do like it

Saloni 435

Gotta have black. Saloni Dress


This Cynthia Rawley Midi Dress is one I am considering for a wedding I am invited to later this summer


Easy breezy – for a very hot sizzlin’ day. Carleen Domanshire

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