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Lifestyle: Taking Lessons From Italian Women

Over a decade ago the hubs and I took our first trip to Italy, starting in Venice.  Someone at the train station suggested we hop on a water bus to get  us to our hotel since we had no idea what we were doing-fresh out of college. We took the bus, and on it was a woman dressed so perfect-sensual that we found ourselves staring at her in awe.

In Rome the same thing happened, women here and there  in cafes and restaurants  dressed very Sophia Loren chic, with the perfect tan, and hair, and fitted skirts and scarfs and red lipstick. I was fascinated, but very certain I  would never be able to duplicate any of it back then, and not even now.

When I found  this article, it reminded me of my trip decades ago, when I first discovered the sensuality of Italian women and their fashion. The article helping me pinpoint what made up that perfect look. Here are my favorites:


flatter your figure with what you wear


pick a statement bag


sunglasses of course


wear a flattering swimsuit cover


start from inside out – sensual under garments


flats should only be worn to the beach


This speaks volumes of course


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