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Travel: Planning Is Half the Battle

I’ve paused all thoughts of travel lately because I’m very focused on novel 3 and all that go along with promoting my pride and joy.  But once in a while, you know on a sunny beautiful day in San Francisco, I get the urge, to just plan – because I do know what I want to do this year for our big trip to Europe. But finding a few good suggestions never hurts anyone – especially this girl.

So, buckle up and take a tour of what I found pretty interesting – in travel that is:


Train Travel In Style – something I love doing throughout Europe, even in simply first class


Ten most beautiful small villages in Italy – I am on it my friends – adding a few of these wonderful places to my 2016 Trip in October

E6JFFK Bread stall in Dijon France

Bread stall in Dijon France – Deux please!!! How can this article be titled “boring places worth a second look” how can travel be boring.

4-14-2016 7-34-31 AM

Thirteen charming day-trip destinations in Europe – Ahhhh so much to do and so little time life has to offer.


And finally my heaven on earth destination – Lake Como

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