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Travel: Planning Is Half the Battle

I’ve paused all thoughts of travel lately because I’m very focused on novel 3 and all that go along with promoting my pride and joy.  But once in a while, you know on a sunny beautiful day in San Francisco, I get the urge, to just plan – because I do know what I want to do this year for our big trip to Europe. But finding a few good suggestions never hurts anyone – especially this girl. So, buckle up and take a tour of what I found pretty interesting – in travel that is:

Day four -piazza navona or bust

Rome, crowded, muggy, sticky hot and yet I was determined to spend two days touring the chaos. I say that lovingly. My main objective was to see every tourist site in one day and spend day two taking in all of piazza Navona and that thought process worked out perfectly. I spend an entire day from sunrise to ten at night in piazza Navona, studying every nook and cranny of the romantic neighborhood. Stay tuned to hear more about it soon. In the meantime photo photo photo:

day 2 – travel journal – day trip to roma, italy

There is no way for me to travel through Italy without stopping in Rome, even if it’s just for a day. So, while plotting out this year’s trip abroad, I decided to make Firenze (Florence) my base and take day trips via TrainItalia to Rome, Venice, Pisa and hopefully Verona (will see how that goes). We took an early morning train (7:00 a.m .to be precise ) from Firenze S.M.N. station and arrived in Roma Termini within 2 hours. Upon our arrival we wasted no time taking our walking tour of the city.  The point to remember is that, the suggested independent walking tour  is not recommended for a first time visit to Rome, it’s just intended for people like me who have been to Rome  a dozen times but just can’t get enough 🙂 So, in our case, we started the walking tour with: The entire trip took us twelve hours on foot, with an hour break for lunch and one hour rest break at the Spanish Steps. The train ride back to Florence …