Month: April 2016

How To Recycle Jam Jars

I buy these jams in abundance, and spread them on freshly baked French bread every Sunday morning, and sit by the window and enjoy breakfast the only day of the week, at a much more slower pace. So, you can imagine my collection of the perfect shaped jars, I know someday I would use for a healthy dessert I’ve been searching for. but haven’t found…until NOW! Chai Seed Pudding – what!!!  

Life’s Funny That Way

I took a few days off, to unwind in the country. Or so I thought that’s what I’d be doing. I packed my bag, my laptop, my dog and a few other things I though I would need and drove 2.5hours east to somewhere near Tahoe. The plan was I would finalize my third novel, you know the last-minute details before I set it loose online on April 16. Which is now only four days away. I had five days  before I left to lock in the formatting,  and all minor fixes and bugs. However,  I realized with only 30 minutes left to my drive, that I left my charger plug at home. (Long story I don’t want to get into). I am usually very together, and function extremely methodologically with everything I do. But the plug, not my fault really, was left behind. And I knew while freaking out on the road, the computer battery was only at 6pct. This bit of detail set the tone for the four-day weekend. And no matter how …

Friday Reads Online – Why? Because We Need A Break

Too much news can be daunting. And while I wind down Thursday evening, looking forward to the much-needed weekend away from the usual, I have considered these fun articles to set the mood: Have a great weekend everybody, while I take a few days away from all computers. Not because I want to, but because I forgot to take my plug with me to the country where I am spending a few days – I thought to be able to write.

Decor: Gray Is Never Dull If You Know How To Dress It Up

Every color is fascinating to me, no matter how dull some may seem to most. The key is knowing how to dress it up. In this case, the color gray, a more elegant, sophisticated hue for those preferring such luxury or gracefulness in their lifestyle – of course after the kids have  left home, and there is no dog, or a dog that is well trained not to sit on such refinement. 🙂

Sunday Cravings: A Week By The Poolside – Italy

We’ve made it through the first quarter of the year, although really I don’t know how we got here. Wait. I do know exactly how I got here. I was too busy helping with three moves in four months, a remodel, a book edit going on sale April 16, the ear to everyone’s problems, the one doing all the comforting, ego boosting, problem solving and care giving. I know exactly what filled my days. On Saturday, instead of staying home,  I got up early, showered, and actually got dressed up, even wore my make up and left the house. To have breakfast with a friend who called to say she was in town for a vet appointment.  Spending the entire morning with her, on Chestnut Street, having breakfast, chatting up a storm, then window-shopping, checking out the books on display at my favorite Books Inc. store, and even grabbing a freshly squeezed fruit juice in a bottle. It turned out to be a nice day. In our conversation, both of us longing for a week-long …

Decor: Office Space or Cool Design Ideas

Still on my quest to revamp my wonderful tiny living space.  I just need to figure out what month I should embark on such a task, considering all of April  is booked. Most of May – gone. June – not looking good either. And July – September the weather is s*** – foggy – in my neighborhood to the point it is too cold to open windows to allow the paint and such to dry while renovating. So, it looks like September it is, our Indian Summer here in San Francisco. Which as you know is just around the corner. Naturally, the though of renovating also means, creating a Pinterest board, as well as (in my case) a desktop folder with all photos of what I envision our place to look like. Lately, I am loving black-framed windows and doors, turquoise and marble and natural hardwood flooring. Kind of like: I think I am just about narrowing it down – until of course something else catches my eye in the next five months. 🙂