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Sunday was absolutely gorgeous around the bay area, and it was the first time this year, that I was happy to not be writing anything, or doing any sort of research for my next novel. Or this blog, or that one, or the other. I decided instead to get out of the house and hang out near the Golden Gate Bridge. Strange as that may sound, it makes sense to me.  The Bridge is the prettiest site on warm, sunny, clear days in the city. So I had to get out there and see it in person, the beautiful perfect rust-orange colored masterpiece for this corner of the world.

So, while I focus these next few days on promoting my novel, I am leaving you with a few topics I’ve touched up on for your entertainment.  Be back shortly:


Travel Planning is half the battle – the rest is finding interesting deals and places


chocolate red wine cake – can you say decadent?


Proud owner of novel three – WHAT IF – going on sale 4-19-2016



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