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Travel: A Week In Between Jobs or Just For Spring Break

I just realized we are very close to March, start of Spring break across the globe – where some have already planned their Spring break getaways in between a week off from their studies.  This list offers up a handful of destinations to consider for when you are in between jobs, but I think this is also useful for those undecided about where to go for Spring break.  Here’s where I am considering – sometime early April – to a place I’ve never been… For the rest of the list – go here   

What’s Fun To Read On Rawsilkandsaffron

Sunday was absolutely gorgeous around the bay area, and it was the first time this year, that I was happy to not be writing anything, or doing any sort of research for my next novel. Or this blog, or that one, or the other. I decided instead to get out of the house and hang out near the Golden Gate Bridge. Strange as that may sound, it makes sense to me.  The Bridge is the prettiest site on warm, sunny, clear days in the city. So I had to get out there and see it in person, the beautiful perfect rust-orange colored masterpiece for this corner of the world. So, while I focus these next few days on promoting my novel, I am leaving you with a few topics I’ve touched up on for your entertainment.  Be back shortly:

french riviera: cannes film festival and gran prix monaco in a nutshell

I never realized juggling two major events on vacation would be so challenging and yet so much fun. I also don’t understand why the Cannes Film Festival and the Monaco Gran Prix were running at the same time or maybe it’s better I don’t understand these things. Anyway, we arrived in Nice for Cannes late on a flight from Madrid, past midnight to be exact and since I had a chauffeur pick up arranged for us, I wasn’t worried. Now before you pass judgment about chauffeurs and all, I had no other choice at the hour our flight landed, and public transport getting us to Cannes from Nice airport was not an option. The following morning, I got ready very early, and headed out to the film festival/tourist information office to get myself organized to see as many films as possible in the days I alloted for this portion  of the trip. My travel partner however was antsy to see the Monaco gran prix and was busy organizing that bit of the trip, pushing my …