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Lifestyle: Why Do We Really Move From Place to Place

Strange title or a very long one I suppose. But I wanted to make sure I get my point across in 50 words or less. This topic kept me up the other night because a few of my co-workers have decided to move away from the city.  One person all the way to the UK, the other to Colorado, one to Houston, Texas, another to Pleasant Hill, California and one to  Hawaii. With this new chapter in my life – yes I do take everything personally – I also discovered two blogger I follow also made that move from the bay area all the way to Charleston, South Carolina and the other to Los Angeles. Let’s not even mention my extended family from Sacramento to Omaha, and another from San Jose to Los Angeles. I can’t help but think about how it is someone decides it’s time to make that move. Meaning to say. I moved away to Sacramento for eight years a few years back and then came right back to San Francisco, realizing …

Lifestyle: In This Sort of Mood

San Francisco is pretty dreary in the summer months, and because of it so is my mood. I don’t feel as inspired as I do when I see the sun.  The fact the days are longer, means we see the gloomy  thick layer of fog blanketing the coastline until almost nine at night, the cold forcing us to bundle up, and crave to up the heating system in the house. Oh the irony…or me just being over dramatic. Either way, I am craving for moments like this. which I’ve experienced while on the Island of Capri and Sorrento, or on a beach town somewhere in the French Riviera, simply sitting at a table along some waterfront, eating wonderful food and drinking a bottle of red, and taking it all in. Happy Monday!!!

Sunday Cravings: A Week By The Poolside – Italy

We’ve made it through the first quarter of the year, although really I don’t know how we got here. Wait. I do know exactly how I got here. I was too busy helping with three moves in four months, a remodel, a book edit going on sale April 16, the ear to everyone’s problems, the one doing all the comforting, ego boosting, problem solving and care giving. I know exactly what filled my days. On Saturday, instead of staying home,  I got up early, showered, and actually got dressed up, even wore my make up and left the house. To have breakfast with a friend who called to say she was in town for a vet appointment.  Spending the entire morning with her, on Chestnut Street, having breakfast, chatting up a storm, then window-shopping, checking out the books on display at my favorite Books Inc. store, and even grabbing a freshly squeezed fruit juice in a bottle. It turned out to be a nice day. In our conversation, both of us longing for a week-long …

Lifestyle: Small Living Spaces…A New Trend?

Six years ago, my hubs and I sold our 5-bedroom two-story in the suburbs and moved back to San Francisco, into a small studio with views of the ocean. In the beginning it was very difficult for us to get used the open-concept space we used for living, dining, and sleeping in. The worst was we worked different shifts. So while I slept he had to wake up and get ready – at 2 in the morning, and while he went to bed at 7p, I was up, and in need of watching television or doing something around the room which required movement. Eventually we got used it, and six years later, have very minimal issues with such a tight space. Lately, I’ve been watching Tiny Living Spaces on HGTV, where families give up their homes to live in small spaces, hopeful the concept would improve their quality of life, or  lifestyle. I can honestly say that if you have the right attitude and mind-set, the downsize has its benefits for sure. Two particular ones …

boutique hotel picks – royal hotel san remo – sanremo, italy

I can usually tell it’s time to plan my annual vacation, when all I can think about is, romantic destinations and the luxury accommodations that should go with it, especially for those of us over 40. I mean I’ve done my share of hostels in my youth, budget properties throughout my thirties. But now I seek luxury and romance, with an attached bathroom to my suite. In light of this fact, I have included my favorite property in Sanremo, Italy. A place I never considered vacationing until I saw the place in the film, The Talented Mr. Ripley.  So, I’ll let the photos do the talking and if you need to know more about the property, click here:

inspiring luxury living

One of my favorite things to do, on Saturday mornings, is to walk my dog through predominant neighborhoods in San Francisco and imagine how it would be to own one of those properties. In light of that fact, I often am inspired by the decor associated with luxury living. Here are some of my recent favorites.

interior decor: red, white and black

You know how they say, interior decor inspirations come from nature, well mostly that is. In my opinion, the ideas could come from almost anything and anywhere. The first time I visited Disneyland, I have to say I was completely mesmerized by Mickey and Mickey mouse’s color choices and since then I have always be infatuated with any decor which remind me of that period in my life. Can you see it below?