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Lifestyle: Why Do We Really Move From Place to Place

Strange title or a very long one I suppose. But I wanted to make sure I get my point across in 50 words or less.

This topic kept me up the other night because a few of my co-workers have decided to move away from the city.  One person all the way to the UK, the other to Colorado, one to Houston, Texas, another to Pleasant Hill, California and one to  Hawaii. With this new chapter in my life – yes I do take everything personally – I also discovered two blogger I follow also made that move from the bay area all the way to Charleston, South Carolina and the other to Los Angeles. Let’s not even mention my extended family from Sacramento to Omaha, and another from San Jose to Los Angeles.

I can’t help but think about how it is someone decides it’s time to make that move. Meaning to say. I moved away to Sacramento for eight years a few years back and then came right back to San Francisco, realizing that move wasn’t at all cut out to be the right decision for my lifestyle – I love the city life.

But in speaking with all of the movers, I realized for most it was job related. For others the cost of living here in the bay area, and a few because they are seeking adventure. Which sparked my interest to move again.

Let me clarify. I’ve been talking about moving to Europe for a long time. But it’s been just an idea, the hubs and I talk over dinner or a glass or wine while we chill with our doggy on a Sunday afternoon. but the more I think about it, the more I realize I want to make some sort of move. After all in my circle I was the pioneer in announcing a move – some sort of move – but have dragged my feet up to now. Or maybe it’s the fact – my move would be a long-term goal. For when I retire and maybe a slower paced lifestyle. Until then…here’s what to consider:

Being organized is key to everything we do in life. To have a smooth moving experience have a solid plan in place, leaving just enough room for all the potential mishaps.


Easy steps to a smooth move – click on photo

I always wonder about the reasons behind every move, and this blogger explains some of the positive reasons for their move (below)


When the hubs and I closed on our brand new home in Sacramento, we couldn’t wait to drive up and pick up the keys and spend the night, on an air mattress just the two of us. But wait, there is more – click your way through the photo below


Emotional stages of moving…so true

And finally there is this article (picture below) for some of wishing and dreaming and hoping to move abroad someday.


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