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Football Season Plus Comfort Snacks

I got an email from a co-worker asking if I am going to join the fantasy football league. My first reaction-hesitation.  Then I asked my hubby what he thought and his eyes lit up. So I signed up. Which means I will become a dedicated football fan this season.

The first thing I turn to naturally is healthy snack choices to make football watching on Sundays more bearable. I’m more of a soccer and baseball kind of gal, just in case you are wondering what sports I prefer or if any.

But I also know the right type of eats plays into the whole experience week and week for the next five months. With all of that said and done, here are some of the snacks I will be following to kick of the season.  Feel free to share your recipes and stay tuned for more of my suggestions.

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Chips and Queso I am fine with

yogurt chcken

Yogurt Marinated chicken skewers


Avocado Carpaccio – for sure a good alternative


Culturally speaking this is one recipe I approve of (I laugh) – the taste combination is the most amazing once you try it.


And of course everyone’s favorite mac and cheese recipe

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