San Francisco
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The City – My City, San Francisco

I’ve lived in San Francisco most of my life. Meaning, I left for about eight years and then came back, and I have no plan on moving to anywhere else anytime soon.

The city has definitely progressed and will probably continue to evolve for decades more, if the techy industry continues trending the way that it is – in the bay area. Until of course someone exploits Austin,  Texas.  Shhh.

Until then there is so much to the city and in reality I can’t get enough of discovering something new every time I turn around or even rediscovering something I’ve known most of my life.

There is a list someone came up with here with a handful of eateries he considers the reason San Francisco is so delicious right now.  What I’d like to add to that is, these are only a few of the reasons the city is so delicious right now.  There is more, much more…and the only way to find out is to pay us a visit and see for yourself, or send me an email and I will be more than happy to recommend.



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