Month: August 2015

shoes: boot-sandals I adore

After many years of wearing high heels, three inches to be exact, to accessorize my business attire while working in the financial district ions ago (not that many ions ago), and now being able to wear flats on most days to work, I’ve come to adore the boot-sandal, which probably is the best thing that ever happened to fashion. The shoes are versatile enough to compliment any outfit, particularly if paired tastefully. (which I will talk about in another blog). Check out my favorites from here

healthy recipe with fish and yogurt and and and…

I take great pride in food presentation, even if I am making dinner for two, which is most nights. I still organize the food groups on a plate as if we were eating in a fancy restaurant trumping in food design.  So, naturally, I choose recipes to try based on how well the presentation in a blog, or website. Crazy I know, but that is reality in my household. Here’s one I couldn’t resist to include-market fish and charred greens with citrus honey yogurt-oh my god how delicious! {source}    

fashion: everything but the holey jeans

For me that is. I am not a fan of holey jeans, although it does add a certain look to an ensemble, I just can’t see myself wearing them. Maybe when I was in high school, but now I borderline between sophistication and a bit of tom-boy. (I laugh) Anyway, here’s one of my favorite blogger/fashionista/icon and her style  I’ve come to admire over the last year or so when I stumbled upon her blog. Check out some of  my favorites. {source}

Did You Know? I Love Saying That

Did you know there is a way to tell if eggs are old or not? Well did you know honey never goes bad, and if crystallizes you can microwave it for a few and enjoy the sweet guey mess? How can you make a boxed soup taste less salty? Have you considered making iced cubes from coffee? Did you know that if you check out the article here, you can actually learn the tricks of the kitchen trait?