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christmas gift ideas for her – casual outfits

I think men have it tougher than women, while choosing the right gift for the woman in their lives.  This is not because they don’t buy what she wishes for, such as a sweater, a blouse or a pair of jeans and some fun boots, but it’s because they have a tough time choosing age appropriate outfits  for their (sometimes) self-conscious woman over 40. So for that reason I have compiled some safe pieces to consider while shopping for the casual look most women over 40 crave, without sacrificing style and elegance. Outfit 1: click here to find the details. Keep in mind although the jeans suggested is a pair of skinny jeans, you can actually replace those with a pair of boot cut or others to consider here and opt out of buying the boots. Although the look is age appropriate, it has a  touch of youthfulness and fun to it which most women over 40 appreciate and can support. Outfit 2: click here to find the details. Again, the look is age appropriate …

bypassing the black friday shopping frenzy

I think it’s hilarious to wake up at 4 in the morning, the day after Thanksgiving,  in order to go shopping for the best deals for the holidays.  I rather sleep in myself, if I didn’t have to go to work that day. But there are those who have made a tradition of Black Friday and will forego most anything to partake in the event.   So, while I sleep in and lounge around and munch on leftovers while watching classics and playing board games with family members (remember these are the things most women can’t do while playing host on Thanksgiving Day), more power to those who leave their families behind, while in pursuit of buying a Wii board on sale or cashing in on the discount coupons only valid at 4 in the morning. So, in light of those diehards, I have included  a MAP (I mean a site)  here which I think  is pretty useful in planning your very own Black Friday Experience. Have fun!

black gowns and special occasions

It is seldom difficult to go wrong with hints of  black when planning for a formal gathering, and since  the holiday season is right around the corner, we have to begin thinking about what to wear for that special party or gathering, particularly for a formal New Year’s Eve  celebration. Although, this decade I prefer to stay home and drink champagne with family and friends throughout the holiday season, I can’t help but admire, while thumbing through the racks at shops and boutiques around Union Square, the beautiful gowns available  for my viewing pleasure.   Nonetheless, here are my favorites:

admiring haute couture

Now here is another topic I have difficulty incorporating into my everyday life and conversation – haute couture –  best described by as being a  French phrase for high fashion.  Couture means dressmaking, sewing, or needlework and haute means elegant or high, so the two combined imply excellent artistry with the fashioning of garments.  The purchase of a haute couture model garment is at the top level of hand customised fashion design and clothing construction made by a couture design house.  A model haute couture garment is made specifically for the wearer’s measurements and body stance.  The made to measure exclusive clothes are virtually made by hand, carefully interlined, stay taped and fitted to perfection for each client. A haute couture could cost anywhere from 20K to whatever the price may be for the exclusively created masterpieces by the best of the best fashion designers. I have included a slideshow of some of the most interesting of styles for 2010  from the likes of Christian Dior, J. Galliano, Chanel, John Paul Gultier and more. Enjoy!

casual weekend sweaters

On the weekends, I like to revert back to my tomboyish ways by dressing  as casual as possible and while doing so, I want to simply be able to throw on my favorite pair of comfortable jeans and a sweater and call it day. Since I agree with  fashion advisers in suggesting women over 40 stay away from bulky sweaters, I  found a few which I think will do me just find this winter season. The cool thing about these sweaters is that they are border line between dressy and casual, which means I can wear them over slacks or a skirt to work or with jeans over the weekends. I call these sweaters transition sweaters from mid fall to early winter and then from late winter to “almost” spring in some places. I found these at J. Crew (in store and online) and although sometimes it’s really intimidating to walk into the store if you aren’t twelve years old, the sweaters are well worth the effort nonetheless. Let me know what you think?

fashionista or sarah jessica parker?

One word, which took me a while to get used to, is none other than the word “fashionista” and after looking it up in the dictionary to get the true definition of it, I discovered that EVEN this word’s meaning has evolved through time as a result of shows like “Sex In The City” and Sarah Jessica Parker. I am certain that most any woman is aware of the show, the movies and Sarah Jessica Parker and of course there are some of us who admire her style and others who question it.  But I must say, although eccentric and sometimes over the top, her sense of style is most unforgettable and  a challenge for most anyone else to pull off. So, here is hoping we can duplicate her conservative look as a woman over 40 and do our best to avoid the rest.

there are jeans and then there are j-brand jeans

Wow, I never thought I would consider looking at jeans over the 100.00 mark, but I guess we all need to raise the bar “sometimes” to feel good about ourselves while trying to look good.  I wonder if  being over 40 has something to do with it. Anyway, the truth of the matter is, women over 40 and sometimes under 40 have trouble finding a good pair of jeans. What I mean by that is, ones that fit, those that compliment “one’s assets” and feel fashionable at the same time. So while in search of  “THOSE JEANS”, I came across J-BRAND Jeans‘ website. I decided to find  a local retailer who carries the line and took a trip to check them out. I know what you are thinking, pricey buggers aren’t they? But, in my opinion, jeans are an investment and can be worn for more than one season, so if you were to consider buying a pair say for 200.00 divide that into 24 months = that is 8.00 a month  and believe me women …

in honor of the color pink

One of my favorite color is pink. It wasn’t always like that but after Victoria’s Secret introduced us to the color pink with their beautiful shopping bags, pink was quickly added to my favorite color chart. The problem with pink is that if it isn’t the right shade or incorporated with the right accent colors, it almost looks unappealing. I know most women in the U.S. shy away from it because as a child they were forced to wear pink and when they had daughters of their own, all the gifts included the dull, traditional pink color. What has happened over the years however, is that the color pink has taken on a whole new look. We have so many variations (or hues) of pink that it is almost a sin not to consider the color in home decors, clothing lines and now even appliances, motorcycles and sometimes hair color. My favorite shade or hue is the cherry blossom flower colors pictured here and I must admit I use the color throughout my life proudly. …

full length boots for the curvy calfs

I have always shied away from buying full-length boots because of my shapely calfs. Each fall I enjoy looking through the selection at the department stores and shoe boutiques and envy the women that are able to zip up the zipper, while stuffing their jeans in them. This year I was determined to find some boots that were either made out of stretchy pleather (which I am not a fond of) or gamble on asking for wide calf boots. Some of the clerks just looked at me when I did ask and others pretended they didn’t exist. So I walked away feeling somewhat dumb for my “uncool” question and decided to once more forget about buying full-length boots. On Thursday I had driven up to Roseville, CA to visit my mother-in-law and decided to try once more at the Roseville Galleria and sure enough the sales clerk at Macy’s knew exactly what I was talking about and was able to bring out four pairs (only 4 unfortunately) of wide calf boots. I was besides myself …

sweaters for fall 2010 women over 40 can wear

Once the official transition takes place from Summer to Fall, meaning past the month of September to mid-October, I begin to feel the need to rearrange my closet in order to get a visual of all my sweaters. Then I go through them and decide which to toss and what to recycle for the upcoming fall season. At the same time, I shop online for the sweaters I would like to have and make my list in order to check them out at the store. One of my favorite stores, and this has been on and off, is Ann Taylor/Ann Taylor Loft. The reason for the on and off is that for a while there it seemed the store or the company had lost it’s touch and appeal so I stayed away from it. But now, this year that is, the items on their online catalog (at least in picture) look great. That’s another thing, what looks good on print doesn’t necessarily look good in the store, so with list in hand I plan to …