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full length boots for the curvy calfs

I have always shied away from buying full-length boots because of my shapely calfs. Each fall I enjoy looking through the selection at the department stores and shoe boutiques and envy the women that are able to zip up the zipper, while stuffing their jeans in them.

This year I was determined to find some boots that were either made out of stretchy pleather (which I am not a fond of) or gamble on asking for wide calf boots. Some of the clerks just looked at me when I did ask and others pretended they didn’t exist. So I walked away feeling somewhat dumb for my “uncool” question and decided to once more forget about buying full-length boots.

On Thursday I had driven up to Roseville, CA to visit my mother-in-law and decided to try once more at the Roseville Galleria and sure enough the sales clerk at Macy’s knew exactly what I was talking about and was able to bring out four pairs (only 4 unfortunately) of wide calf boots.

I was besides myself when I was able to pull up the zipper to the top and walk around in them without any problems. I wanted all of them but from the selection settle on only one. So, just in case you have the same problem with curvy or voluptuous calfs, I have listed the selections for you to consider. By the way be sure to take the list with you to the store, just in case you run into a sales clerk who doesn’t know their job. The thing to keep in mind is, if you have wide calf muscles, stay away from the stiletto heels, because they tend to not support the weight. Also, if you have any other suggestions for wide calf boots, please feel free to share.


  1. I have the same problem. It’s probably because I’ve been wearing heel since I was 12 (43 now). Thanks for the tips. If you see any over-the-knees, let me know.

  2. mauricio says

    Boots, tights and skirts! Trust me ladies, you can’t ever go wrong. Those are nice choices you posted. There’s something about a woman in boots!

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