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fashion: winter to spring transition

Since we  have been experiencing Spring like weather here in San Francisco, it has become truly challenging to dress for the weather since at the crack of dawn, when I get ready for work, it’s 32degrees and by lunch time it’s 65degrees and then by the evening it dips back down to the 30s again,  I am at a loss with my business casual attire.

The only saving grace, living in a city like San Francisco, is that most women here have transition clothes for the ever changing weather, which is ok to wear in winter, spring to summer and fall.  So with that said, I have put together some things from my closet which I consider transition clothes from Winter to Spring.

1. Burberry London Knitted Silk Cardigan USD550 (winter)
2. Dolce Gabana Cotton blend shirt USD325 (Staple)
3. Calvin Cline Knit V-Neck Cardigan 675 (spring)
4. Ralph Lauren Collection Corrine Suede boots USD460 (winter)
5. Stella McCartney Alyssa Wool-twill Skirt USD585 (Staple)
6. DKNY leather tote USD325 (Staple)
7. Stella McCartney Faux python slingback USD690 (spring)

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