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Decor: Studio Remodel Options

I spent the entire weekend, at Ikea, Home Depot, several flooring studios, West Elm and the likes, trying to figure out the best remodel for our place.  I would like to switch out the wall-to-wall carpet with hardwood floors, change the wall colors a few shades lighter, and the bathroom, a complete color palette makeover. But I do have to tell you I am now on information overload, or a little overwhelmed with the options presented to us, and having a difficult time deciding which hardwood flooring to go with:

In the meantime, I am torn about these options:


Darkwood, and all white with a touch of amber trim here and there for an in-wall bookcase


All white – with a touch of black here and there


light gray flooring and white bookcase


bathroom for sure a dreamy blue


natural wood floors perhaps, bookshelf the color of the chair.

7-25-2016 7-58-22 AM

Do you see a theme here? The rust color for sure, maybe the book frame will be black, and the inlay a rust color? You see my dilemma?

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