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Decor: Fireplace Revamp Ideas

I stare at my mother’s living room fireplace with every visit, wishing I could update it and then I realize the 1930s build suits the house she calls her home. Well, maybe a minor update might do the fireplace some good and perhaps become the center of the space once more. {photo credit and source}

Decor: With Happiness In Mind

I never appreciated my home as much as I have since January, after our company’s office move, where we are cooped up for 8+ hours each day without natural light, or air. I apologize for playing this broken record, but I swear I don’t know how people do it. The environment has taken a toll on me. In light of this anxiety I am faced with daily, I realize there are others who feel the same way and would probably appreciate the idea of decorating with happiness  in mind.

Decor: Popular Interior design by State

I have a pretty good idea of how some of the states which make up our country prefer to design or decor their homes. Of course there is a theme or a style that labels each state as well. In California we prefer transitional style  which is: Transitional style is often described as a balanced blend of traditional and contemporary furnishings and decor. … In short, transitional style is an elegant and timeless design motif that combines new and old–and masculine with feminine–in a fresh way.Apr 4, 2017 {source} And in case you are a design or decor nut like myself, then check this out:

Decor: San Francisco On-Point Style

Recently I came across this article, about a home decor that has gone completely right – if you ask me, since the style is in line with my taste. You know the one I chose for my studio re-vamp over the summer. What I love about this, is that I know exactly the neighborhood the apartment is in, and that it is amazing how wonderfully Fran Meckler and her husband have taken something old and turned  into something new-blue. (You like how I did that?” Anyway, enjoy the views as much as I have:

Decor: Sidetracked to Decor

I don’t just travel to see the world. I travel to see how the rest of mankind decorates. 🙂 Yes I did just come up with this bit. But only to lead into how much of my travels is spent  on analyzing, appreciating and taking from the beautiful decor choices created around the globe. Here’s a glimpse of what I am talking about designed by a handful of decorators: