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San Francisco: A Penthouse Worth Talking About

I see this view every day from my office, and have taken many photos of the best sunrise on this side of town. See the ballpark in the background? Yup, that’s my Giants ballpark. Anyway, I’ve stared at this view for over five years, not once knowing that people actually live there, and that there is a story to their story, and now their penthouse is up for sale. Wish I could put in an offer on the 8.5 million price tag 🙂  Check out the story here.

decor: for the loft in you

More and more I’ve been wanting to streamline my home. I downgraded five years ago from a five bedroom two-story in the country to a studio in the city-San Francisco. I made the transition, at the time, not sure where I wanted to live, besides Paris. Since I couldn’t get it together fast enough, I stayed put, aiming eventually to end up in a loft. I love the idea of open concept living, where everything is on display, providing you are a neat and organized individual. The only trouble is, I still want to move to Paris, and my other half isn’t yet ready… In the meantime, I am sharing with you some of my favorite ideas for loft living from one of my favorite blog.

decor: smaller details, huge impact

Finally, I came down from my San Francisco Giants high, spending the entire day yesterday waiting for the parade to start, and all the festivities happening throughout the city. It was exciting to be part of such a celebration, although the craziness of it took its toll commuting into and out of the city/work downtown. Nonetheless, I am back, focused  again on everything rawsilkandsaffron, once more finding decor ideas (in this case) which by adding just the right pop of color or detail, exciting a room. {source}