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Decor: Some Decorating Ideas To Consider

While I was away, my handyman brother replaced the fan in my bathroom. Not something blog worthy I suppose, but it set the tone for me to finally pencil in the much desired renovation I want to do to my amazing studio with views of ocean beach, in San Francisco.

I’ve been on the fence about it, since on some days I don’t want to bother with the hassle of it all. You know, having to move out of the room to get the remodel  done. But when I see the amazing array of decorating tips, I get inspired. So….third week of July it is, when I will begin my much-anticipated  renovation project. In the meantime, here are my latest inspirations:


loving the picture above the office space


Wishing I could match up this bathroom style with mine somehow.


color contrast, and the love of the WOMB chair and ottoman


door color, and all things organized. Maybe I will go with lighter hardwood floors considering the airy feel I am going for, living so close to the ocean

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