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Decor: Ideas From Luxury Hotel

Let’s face it – you walk into a hotel room and your jaw drops – seeing the perfect decor just as the one you saw online, naturally setting the tone for your travels (hopefully in a good way) 🙂

When I was in my twenties, I often times chose a basic hotel, reasonably priced near the train stations since I was not only on a tight budget, but chose to stay only a day or two  in each city to maximize my month long vacation. Meaning, being near the train station help facilitate my crazy itinerary.  The interesting thing is, the more I travel throughout Europe,  the more I notice the hotels nearing the train stations have done an amazing job renovating their properties – not only their location most ideal still for me to this day, but the ambiance worth every penny.

Okay, so with that little bit of intro, I love this article about stealing decorating ideas from hotels – which I do all the time.

Go bold in hallways – yes indeed

See tile as art – I always do and wish I can have enough bathrooms in the house to create a masterpiece in each

Herringbone in a study or a dining room works perfectly well I can assure you

Glossy black doors and trim – another idea I’ve always warmed up to

Fabric on walls – I’ve actually loved in several luxury properties – which adds a certain warmth during the cold winter months

Bringing the outdoors in to an otherwise dreary room with no view

Dramatic dark paint transitioning a master suite with an added sitting area

Fine dining chairs – which I think are a wonderful idea for those of us who simply wish to linger around the table after dinner to sip wine and talk and sip some more wine

This is something for every woman – a luxurious bathroom makeover makes for a happy wife – take my word for it


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