Get Inspired For The Rest of 2017

Yes, it is August 1st and instead of focusing on the “I can’t believe its….(insert Month) already!” Kinda of thinking, I am gearing my attention to all the positive things that have happened in the past 7 months so that I stay inspired and focused on what I would like to achieve in the next coming four months leading to 2018.

January 2017

Go here to see how amazing some of the January stories


February 2017

In Kenya volunteers working on project to deliver water to thirsty animals and more stories – go here

March 2017

Number 1 selling book was a class assignment for an 8 year old. A man in California does the laundry for the homeless for free and more – go here

April 2017

Special Easter Eggs created for the blind to participate,

May 2017

Unconditional Love – a man feeding his wife ice cream. A man hires a homeless person to build stairs for a park and more

June 2017

Defying the odds. The silicon billionaire who invests in middle schools of America

July 2017

Mom donates 5000 pints of breast milk to feed premature babies. Eight year old raises money to buy his best friend a new wheelchair and more

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