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Decor: Thoughts to Consider For Your Upcoming Home Makeover

Last year around this time, I drove everyone crazy with the helpful hints I found online, in stores and from those dear to me regarding the makeover I was planning on for my San Francisco studio apartment I will most like never part with–yes I love it that much. It suits me perfect, as long as I can revamp it every few years.

Anyway, just in case you happen to be contemplating a re-decor, revamps, makeover and all others terms describing a refreshed look, then you might find these topics helpful, or just ask me. 🙂

How to work with mix-matched, and outdated furniture – I found useful when I ‘brushed-up’ – see how I did that, a few cabinets, shelves and dressers in my space

Things to consider when you buy a run online – which believe it or not can be a hassle if it doesn’t ‘measure up’ to your standards or the room for that matter.

Love these suggestions to create your own tasteful space

All about that kitchen remodel – or ideas to put a spark on that same old feeling

California style is this California gals favorite decor style and here’s why

{featured image article is all about the paint, click here}

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