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Decor: Much Admired Home Renovations

In light of the fact, we are still on lockdown, more so in the states, I am often times searching for inspiration for when I renovate my mother’s house. To create the sanctuary I feel is necessary to sustain the current lifestyle which could very well turn into a permanent one: Working from home, vacationing from the couch, and creating dining experiences throughout the house, mainly of course the dining room, kitchen nook, backyard/garden/patio. Here’s what I am pinning to my architecture/design/decor wall: So are you in the mood to renovate? If so what part of your home? {featured image full credit}

Saturday Interesting Distractions From The Internet

I always tell myself to take a break on the weekends from being on the computer – which I do for the most part. But sometimes I am too excited about sharing what I consider interesting distractions or good things to know about. So go grab that cup of coffee or tea and simply enjoy… {featured image source and inspiration}

Decor: Thoughts to Consider For Your Upcoming Home Makeover

Last year around this time, I drove everyone crazy with the helpful hints I found online, in stores and from those dear to me regarding the makeover I was planning on for my San Francisco studio apartment I will most like never part with–yes I love it that much. It suits me perfect, as long as I can revamp it every few years. Anyway, just in case you happen to be contemplating a re-decor, revamps, makeover and all others terms describing a refreshed look, then you might find these topics helpful, or just ask me. 🙂 {featured image article is all about the paint, click here}