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Saturday Interesting Distractions From The Internet

I always tell myself to take a break on the weekends from being on the computer – which I do for the most part. But sometimes I am too excited about sharing what I consider interesting distractions or good things to know about. So go grab that cup of coffee or tea and simply enjoy…

The French solution to fruit flies and the quick alternative in the meantime. Do you drink wine?

How do you know if you are reading the right book? I always consider deeply while working on my novels and you should too

Last night while catching up on my Hallmark Christmas films thus far, I voiced my interest in renting a cabin somewhere in the country for a week to simply spend my time writing or sleeping 🙂 Here’s a list of 12 cozy cabins to consider if you are thinking what I’m thinking

Styling suggestions for open shelves without seeming too cluttered is the way to go

If you are like me – you walk into a hotel lobby with eyes pinned to all things decor which includes artwork of course. And here’s a list of 11 properties with the most amazing artwork yet.

{featured image source and inspiration}

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