What’s Got Me Interested This Morning

This week feels like it’s dragging on – or – maybe I’m taking a break from being productive. Who knows – except that I am spending way too much time online letting my brain to simply escape. I mean we all need that once in a while right?

So here’s what got me interested this morning over a bowl of cereal and a cup of jo.



1. This article about one of Venice’s finest hotels – which are three buildings that were constructed over several centuries? Now that’s what I call architectural character.

2. One of my favorite actress, Jessica Chastain got married over the weekend to a handsome and debonair Italian count, she’s been dating for five years. I love a romantic nuptial and this is probably the best since George and Amal.  But what got me most interested was the location they chose in Italy.

3. Then I got sidetracked about introducing color into your home. Something I am helping a friend to consider in her rental property with bland white walls to do with whatever she wants.

4. Which then led to this topic about making your small space look like a mansion – or – just simply amazing.

5. Back to travel – my favorite topic of all – and how to travel comfortably in coach Is something we all want.

6. My friend who’s moving into a rental – is overly concerned with her weight gain – especially after going through a regimented 2 month military grade body sculpting and I tried to tell her that perhaps her nerves, unsettled emotions and all that comes with relocating has something to do with it and then I dropped this article in her mailbox. Here’s hoping she’ll read it.

7. Then over dinner last night, she had to go there – discussing about the lines taking shape around my eyes. Which I consider as character. Either way, here’s a helpful article about eye care or just keep doing what works for you.

8. A mention about facials came up in that very conversation. She was hinting about an entire makeover for me sans my status.


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