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Vacation So Far…Rain and More Rain

I’ve never been on vacation in October. Well, maybe a destination wedding. But really that doesn’t count like a genuine two week planned trip to a far away destination. This is truly the first. And it seems the world is going to hell in a hand basket as far as the weather is concerned, and naturally it is all going down while I am travelling through Italy this week.

First stop was Rome, landing through the blackened clouds and touching ground to a stormy day in the eternal city. But the hubs and I persevered as we had a schedule to follow. Walking leisurely through a town we love so much. Snapping photographs and then touching them up over an espresso at an outdoor cafe, sitting under heat lamps. Day two was Vatican City, and more rain, and day three some sort of shopping, which is what I planned but ended up just sitting on the Spanish steps for most of the day and enjoyed the freshly cleaned work of art while people watching. It rained lightly at that point.

Day three we took the train to Florence, and after checking into our hotel, we strolled through the narrow cobblestone streets, in between more rain taking challenging photographs.

Day four – was set for a day trip to Venice, which turned into an adventure  trying to avoid  puddles, heavy downpours, and struggling to take photographs while maneuvering an umbrella – both of us soaked to the bone. Wet and drained of all things rain, we got on our train in the evening back to Florence – only to experience hard-core delays – all part of the European train travel experience we’ve become accustomed to over the years.  Sure we’ve done Rome-Florence-Venice before – many times and have seen all three places at their best and their worst. But never in the rain.  This time discovering  changes –  for the better and some not so much, we sat over coffee and a tiramisu to share our opinions about the country we both love so much and wondered what it would be like 10 years from now.

I realize while on the train from Venice, anxiously waiting to arrive in Florence – that although change is necessary – some things I wish stayed the same for places full of rich history and renowned culture.

I will talk about the changes another day, for now here’s some pics until our next destination.

img_7638 img_7772 img_7800 img_7813



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