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Lifestyle: How To’s

Today’s list of how-to’s are for those of us – sometimes in need of a reminder or a new outlook on doing the same old thing. For example:

How to CULL your wardrobe. Since I’ve taken this week off from work to do my bit of ‘AUTUMN’ cleaning – I am having trouble deciding what goes and stays in my closet. These suggestions from Chronicles of Her are pretty cool to keep in mind, to strip your closet of all things cluttering it.

Here’s what they say: “Things that are out of sight, out of mind and not missed over the next few weeks are begging to be sold, swapped or donated to charity.”

“Does it suit my current style?
Is it flattering on me?
If I saw someone wearing it, would I wonder where they got it?
What are my reasons for keeping it?” (more)

Best make up tips to learn, although the article states before you turn thirty – I think we can all learn a few things at any age.  Especially if you look at yourself in the mirror and wonder how to reverse the damages of every day life. Products listed here may do the trick for looking awake even if you are not. Giving your face that certain glow, when you feel you look a little matted 🙂 . Faking fuller lips, covering up zits and other blemishes. Filling in your eye brows, contouring and more – compliments of BYRDIE


A list of Jeans that won’t stretch and are flattering for every body type are suggested on Who, What, Wear online.

Hair thinning is a concern for anyone. It is no longer an old-age matter, but rather all things that effect your lifestyle as well as your genes. Here’s an article that offers up insight on hair thinning you may have not known.

If you are fortunate enough to go to France, please make an effort to walk into the pharmacies in any town or city block and check out the list of beauty products suggested by TimeOut online


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