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Doing a Bit Of Thinking Lately

I realize that there are more important concerns, or worries on everyone’s minds these days about everything that’s going on around the world, and/or in their own homes. And it would be insensitive of me not to say that I am fully aware and feeling just as down and helpless as the next person. I even contemplate  daily if I should simply stop the ‘all things beautiful’ outlook on this blog and open up a forum to allow folks to express their feelings and fears and just talk about whatever it is that’s bothering them so that perhaps together, we can figure out how to repair the damages we are causing to ourselves with every single headline we read on social media.

Everyone is angry, everyone has something to bring to light – and I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. But it is definitely a scary and worrisome thing that most topics today are stemming from anger rather than for the sake of making a positive change.

Here’s an article that got me thinking just how wonderful it would be if we could, in this country, learn to be mindful and practice the concept of mindfulness from the Japanese culture – instead of the misconceptions of entitlement.

So, while I consider re-designing RS&S, I would love for you to offer up feedback on which direction you’d like to see Raw Silk and Saffron take?  And thank you for being here.


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