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Travel: Is Still A Good Idea

This year I switch my travels abroad to March instead of the usual October trip I take every year, and believe me I regret that decision. But only because it is now October, and my brain is programmed for Europe.

Now since most of my friends are smartly taking their holidays or vacations for a two-week trip to my favorite part of the world, I figured I’d share a few helpful things, just in case you are itching to take a trip.

How to find first class tickets for under a 1000.00 – sign me up

10 Safest countries in the world – is something to help ease your mind that travelling is the best idea

where to eat in Paris – a restaurant guide for the trendiest places right now

If you’re going to London, this site claims to have dotted the best tour of the city ever – check it out

And last, a list of the world most beautiful glass restaurants – perhaps one is in your neck of the woods

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