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We’ll Just Take It All In

Woke up this morning to pick up a package Amazon had left at my doorstep and noticed the flashing lights of a police cars a few houses down, and all of a sudden a flash light was pointed at my face-the officer asking me if the car parked out front which was hit was mine, to which I answered No and pointed out my car, parked behind the one hit.  He shone the light on my car and asked me to inspect the side facing the street with him. Apparently someone hit a row of cars half an hour earlier and the officer wanted to make sure my car wasn’t impacted.   You can imagine my stupor, followed by the need to walk down the street to see if my neighbors were okay. Then after all the conversations, I decided it was best I work from home and find  ways to self-distract before diving into a meeting call as if nothing had happened.

How trendy perfect this outfit is –

Do you ever stand in front of a house or otherwise, and wish you could simply move in?

Would you consider illustration journaling? I would love to – especially for my travels

Fall or Autumn is just around the corner and this list of Autumn cocktails are something we need to keep close by for the colder nights, or the ones where you simply need a treat

A road trip is in order – don’t you think? Chasing the changing foliage

Here’s What to focus on today – Enjoy the moments

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