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Weekend Recap and A Few Topics To Ponder Over

I realize this morning, I forgot to drop a post for Friday before jumping into the weekend. I was a little lost in all the things that took shape over the weekend, mostly in a good way, and a few sad ones – but overall, I found solace in some me time, and did a lot of not dwelling over the inevitable and the process of this thing called life.

The weather cooperated on Friday and Saturday, so I explored the city, (San Francisco) to places I haven’t been in years – kicking off the year long bucket list I aim to fulfill before my milestone birthday next year, which will be documented here shortly for your reading pleasure.

Which got me thinking, that I need to carry a journal with me at all times, to jot down all that go through my mind, or that I see and feel and topics I want to share, because when I woke up this morning, focused on work and chores, I realized I couldn’t remember a thing in the order I wish to.  I wonder if the down-time helped over clear my head?  Either way, here are some thoughts that surfaced after the cup of coffee.

Why do we have trouble remembering a dream longer than day? 

Why are some influential people only temporarily in our lives? 

If you could, what would you give yourself permission to do?

Can you make a list of five ways you can take care of yourself? 

What was the highlight of your weekend? 

And what did you take from it? 

{source for inspiration from here}



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