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Travel: Some Fun Facts to Ponder Over While Social Distancing

Couple of weeks back, I visited the Academy of Science in Golden Gate Park. I haven’t been for over a decade. I have to say I was enlightened over again about our planet, the birds and the bees (literally), and the universe and the bodies of water around the world. These sort of reminders had me turning to the History channel more often these days to learn more about the fascinating.

So I started to think last night, when I finally came to terms that I need to postpone all travels I had planned for the year to perhaps as far into the future as next year. But since I love travel, and some of you are the same, I figured to readjust my travel series to fun facts rather behind every travel.

A pair of sea lions swim by a rock with purple urchins.

I read somewhere that they discovered strange looking skeleton off the coast of Scotland, thinking it was the Lochness Monster. Myth perhaps – but apparently Canada has it’s only mystery monster to reckon with

We might learn a thing or two from Japan’s efforts to save the planet

Landscape with the French and Swiss River Doubs, Franche-Comte, France is a republic we may have never known about

The last four visits to London, I noticed the Palace of Westminister under wraps, which I assumed was only to clean. But apparently there is more to the shrouding.

Ancient Eats we are slowly bringing forward to incorporate into our healthy eating regiments is a topic worth reading

The reason for social distancing - if you aren't taking it seriously

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