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Off The Radar For A Few Days

My body and mind usually tell me when it’s time to escape the norm, even if only for a few days, and spend time with family or friends, who through their lifestyles, can yield a new perspective on my own – whether positive or negative. Some time away from your daily is important for clarity to make the right choices, better decisions to achieve the best lifestyle possible.

Over the long holiday weekend, I had the chance to ponder over some things that you might relate to…or not.

What if you cannot forgive someone

What if you’ve become someone’s toxic person

What if you have fallen out of love

What if you’ve forgotten how to love?  

Is it more important to show love or say “I Love you” 

How do you measure love?  

What if you live in fear more often than not?

Are you too late to have a happy ending

Why do some people smile all the time? 

Why do some  live in denial

Why do you feel alone even when there are people around you?

Why are some people only friends with you when they need you

{featured image by rawsilkandsaffron}

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