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Interesting Travel Finds Online

On a hectic remote work day it is always wonderful to stumble upon a handful of distractions to take the edge off or give you a nice break from the mundane. And since the pandemic, we’re mostly flocking to the outdoors, I figured sharing is a good thing…hope you enjoy.

Have you heard of a forest bath in Japan? Where you walk through the woods, and simply soak in the clean air, and calming natural sounds…{more}
Huay Mae Kharmin waterfall in Thailand is one of the best destinations to simply soak in the wonderment and spend time reflecting {more}
Have you been to Michigan? If not, consider the destination, if not for anything else, but Isle Royale National Park {more}
Do you know where Ainsa-Sobrarbe is? Take a wild guess. It is at the tail end of France on a map, and the start of Spain. Learn more about this destination
If outdoor-indoor is your thing, visit Copenhagen, more particularly Cisternerne…{more}

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