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Travel: Layover Mini Tours

Here’s an interesting concept for those who would rather do something extraordinary during a layover – than just sit or pace the boarding area of a crowded airport – take advantage of a mini tour offered by these flight connecting destinations:

Tokyo How to book it: The airport takes these programs so seriously there’s a dedicated desk just to organize tours. It’s called the Narita Transit Program Counter, and is in Terminal 1F of the Central Building.

Taipai – How to book it: Register at the Tourist Service Centre in the main arrivals hall. Tours are on a first-come, first-serve basis and offered twice a day (8:15 a.m. and 1:45 a.m.).

Singapore: How to book it: Instead of clearing immigration, head to either Transfer Lounge F in Terminal 2 or Transfer Lounge A in Terminal 3. There are four Heritage and two City Sights tours per day—Heritages are during the morning and afternoon, and City Sights in the evening (it’s all about the sunset skyline). Tickets are first-come, first-serve.

How to book it: Depending which one is closer, head to either the desk between gates 25 and 29 or the “Hana Tour” desk by gate 8.

Istanbul – How to book it: When you arrive, look for the Hotel Desk in the international arrivals hall. (It’s next to the Starbucks.) There, you can sign up for one of the five daily tour departures, but you will need to be there at least half an hour before the next one starts.

Doha How to book it: Make a beeline for the Doha City Tour desk, which is in Concourse B next to the Montblanc shop.

Amsterdam How to book it: Once you’ve booked a KLM itinerary that includes an Amsterdam layover, you should get an automated email from the airline asking if you want to sign up for the program.

Here’s something you might enjoy – Michigan’s Lavender Labyrinth

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