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Collection of Recipes – Thanksgiving 2021

The countdown has begun here in the states, and the pressure is on naturally for all those planning to feed the clan.

I, for one, have not slept for more than a few hours each night this week. Can’t really say it is because of Thanksgiving dinner. But when I am up, I do think about dessert and some of the trimmings. Then I mentally scan the cupboards to note which and what ingredients might be missing.

Now, although I am planning on remaining basic, in terms of the menu. I do find myself wanting to switch it up a bit…mostly the sides and you guessed it, desserts.

Here’s a link to Turkey, or a bird of your choice recipes to consider.

A squash recipe I am going to try.
Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes instead of mash. What do you think?
Side dishes, the choices are endless, from here
And for your choice of dessert – visit this wonderful site
Cocktails in variation. Photo by Live on Shot on


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