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nightfall over paris

It seems that no matter what time of year I visit Paris, there is always a busy nightlife. Whether it’s in the dead of Winter or early Spring, for sure Summertime and well into Fall, the locals and visitors alike frequent the restaurants and bars no matter what. They dine, drink, laugh and smoke (in some cases) and spend hours talking while enjoying their meals. I love taking photos of Paris between dusk to nightfall, when the lights begin to flicker on throughout the streets and restaurants and it’s as if a magical thing happens, when all of Paris becomes the most romantic place on the face of the planet.

how much would you pay for a greeting card?

I am a greeting card fanatic  and a collector and a true appreciator of the evolution of the greeting cards. Get the point?  So with that said, I spend about thirty to forty minutes at the greeting card section in bookstores and visit every Specialty greeting card store in any and all malls. What I have noticed, unfortunately, is the price of the cards ranging from $3.95 all the way to $10.95, making it a challenge to consider purchasing a good one no matter how we appreciate the person we want to give the card to.  I know gourmet cards is a new strategy used by the card companies (kind of like labeling restaurant cooking as Gourmet) in order  to stay in business since MOST ANYONE can make a card now on their computers or from products purchased at an ART store to create a card from scratch. The problem the distributors and designers don’t understand is that how could any (middle now referred to as poor class)  consumer consider purchasing a card well over $4.00? From …

not your daughter’s jeans glitch

Every American woman has owned a pair of jeans at least a decade if not more during their lifetime (so far) and I don’t know about anyone, but for me traditional jeans (meaning outer stitching and five pockets) is a must in all jeans. But the trouble with today’s jeans of course is that most woman over 40 cannot fit into the “below the waist” design sold in most retail stores,  as well as a 12-year-old can. As a result,  some smart designer realizing this problem a while back, introduced the “not your daughter’s jeans” to the female gender over 40. I want to first say, thank you for that and for the effort to make us women over 40 feel a little bit good about ourselves. But the only trouble with your design is that, the pricey jeans  do not have the feel and look of the cooler jeans that our daughters wear. The thing the designers overlooked in creating their jean line is that, some of us women over 40 would like to …

treat yourself at anthropologie

Some stores may be intimidating or just not the right style for some woman, so they simply avoid going in for the fear of the unknown or the lack of interest in experiencing something new. In my opinion, all women need to experience  Anthropologie and if you happen to live  in a city or town or a country where there is an Anthropologie store near by, please consider going in and buying yourself something just for the fun of it. The store reminds me of  a cross between a French Provincial boutique with a hint of a shabby chic theme and although I am a fan of modern decor, I simply love walking through Anthropologie  and admiring all the colorful displays and products from ceiling to floor. I often buy myself a neatly wrapped bar of soap from France or a bizarre hook for my bathroom and even a costume jewelry piece with unique or unusual compilation of beads and colors stranded together. Kitchenware is also fun to look through and can be incorporated into any …

a pretty woman moment no doubt

I had experienced 4th of July fireworks along the cost in Los Angeles about three years ago and it was amazing (minus the traffic jams afterword of course), so I decided since I needed to be in Los Angeles the week of July 4th this year, I could go a day earlier and experience the fireworks along the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) once more. Three years ago, we parked around Malibu near Pepperdine University and waited in the cold for hours until the fireworks kicked off around 9p.m., so I decided this time I would park the car along the PCH and walk over to the beach and hang out until sunset and then sit in my car to watch the fireworks in order to avoid being cold. I parked my car somewhere between Getty Museum and a winding street leading up to Bel Air. Without second guessing myself I walked down the sand toward the ocean and began walking along the sand while enjoying the views. Within minutes a security guard ran over to …

my playground

Going to my favorite playground for a week to kick off the 4th of July celebration and of course play tourist and a celebrity all wrapped up in one. I do this once or twice or even three times a year, it’s a fun and quick escape from it all, especially if you are on a budget. So, happy 4th Americans and for all the tourists visiting the U.S. this week, enjoy our version of Patriotism with bbq’s, fireworks and the old red, white and blue cupcakes and popsicles.

eat, pray, love in reference to the woman over 40

Another one of  my favorite reads last year, Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, is being made into a movie with Julia Roberts playing the lead role.  Although the true story is about a woman in her 30’s, Julia is portraying the role while in her 40’s, which in my opinion require much alteration and revision to the film to fit the make up of a 40 year old woman’s lifestyle.  I am not really sure how good the film will be but the book is a recommended read for any woman who hasn’t read it yet. The book can be considered a motivational book and although geared towards the woman in her 30’s, some of us beyond that decade can learn a few things from it here and there. The only downside for the woman over 40 is that, if she were to consider using the methods in the book to self discovery, she must be childless to accomplish the challenge. But either way, it is a solid book and since it is based on a …

birthday celebration in Napa

I love going to Napa and will find any reason to take a trip up North for the day. When asked what my plans were for my birthday this year since I wasn’t able to go to Paris, I immediately knew it had to be a day in Napa. Anyway, I spend the entire day Saturday visiting my usual wineries and having a picnic at V.Satui, followed by gelato at Dean and DeLuca marketplace, then a stroll through the quant town of  Yountville. But then although my heart was set on having dinner at Napa Styles Bottega restaurant  in Yountville,  we ended up at Il Fernaio in Burlingame instead. The evening was most  enjoyable for me thanks to my  family and lots of  amazing champagne.  My special birthday was celebrated in the most memorable way with the most important people in my life. I couldn’t ask for anything more.