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a pretty woman moment no doubt

I had experienced 4th of July fireworks along the cost in Los Angeles about three years ago and it was amazing (minus the traffic jams afterword of course), so I decided since I needed to be in Los Angeles the week of July 4th this year, I could go a day earlier and experience the fireworks along the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) once more.

Three years ago, we parked around Malibu near Pepperdine University and waited in the cold for hours until the fireworks kicked off around 9p.m., so I decided this time I would park the car along the PCH and walk over to the beach and hang out until sunset and then sit in my car to watch the fireworks in order to avoid being cold. I parked my car somewhere between Getty Museum and a winding street leading up to Bel Air. Without second guessing myself I walked down the sand toward the ocean and began walking along the sand while enjoying the views.

Within minutes a security guard ran over to me and told me I had to get off the beach as it was private property and I had no business being there. I looked around in shock and followed his instructions on how to get off the newly cleaned sand area immediately. He pointed to a sign and then told me I had to walk on the other side of the sign where the water was dirty or walk back and walk along PCH behind the building next to the uncoming cars. Apparently I had stumbled upon The Bel Bay Club without knowing and had no business being there. I was told I was part of the public beach area humanoids only.  Of course as a result of the chaos, the privileged folk adorning the clean, private beaches pulled down their sunglasses and gazed at me as if I were an alien from another planet.  I felt diseased and for the first time in my life, I experienced discrimination.

When I crossed over to the other side of the sign, after hiding my face and running through the sink holes and dirty water, I sat on the beach and looked over to the privileged side for the longest time wondering what makes for such behavior.   Did these so called special beings even know who I was and what my net worth was? Perhaps I was one of them in disguise or maybe based on my shape and features I could have very well been a human being just like them? Oh wait maybe not?

Anyway, I shook off all the disgust I felt inside and focused on the ocean for the longest time until one of them happened to walk over to “our” side to make a private phone call (perhaps to her lover) I pointed to the sign and told her to move back to  her area as she was invading the public access beach with her presence.

In the (altered) words of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, when she goes back to the shop on Rodeo Drive after being turned down for shopping there: “Big mistake, you have made a big mistake Bel Air Bay  Club”


  1. carla says

    I love it. I only wish I could have been there to witness this! 🙂

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