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fall fashion 2010 trends – part 5 – hair

My picks for best trends for 2010

Here is the good, the bad, the ugly and the doable in hair trends for fall 2010. My pick are the styles above and the rest of the slideshow is the pass on my list (for me) but I am sure other woman can support the looks suggested, so more power to them.

Again let me know what you think?

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  1. Mauricio says

    As I look at all these stiles I wonder if blondes still have more fun? They are always the eye catchers and the focus points because they tend to stand out easier, at least in the crowd. What do you think is in nowadays?

  2. I’m enjoying your whole fall trends series — what a treat! I’m bummed, though, because I can’t stand socks with shoes, collars, OR white stockings. What SHALL I do? (dramatic hand gesture). Camel coats it is, I guess.

    As for the hair, I like the same ones you do, especially the short ‘do, second from left.

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