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not your daughter’s jeans glitch

Every American woman has owned a pair of jeans at least a decade if not more during their lifetime (so far) and I don’t know about anyone, but for me traditional jeans (meaning outer stitching and five pockets) is a must in all jeans. But the trouble with today’s jeans of course is that most woman over 40 cannot fit into the “below the waist” design sold in most retail stores,  as well as a 12-year-old can. As a result,  some smart designer realizing this problem a while back, introduced the “not your daughter’s jeans” to the female gender over 40.

I want to first say, thank you for that and for the effort to make us women over 40 feel a little bit good about ourselves. But the only trouble with your design is that, the pricey jeans  do not have the feel and look of the cooler jeans that our daughters wear. The thing the designers overlooked in creating their jean line is that, some of us women over 40 would like to feel like the daughter under 30 in the jeans that we wear.

The most important and sexy piece of clothing a woman can own is a pair of jeans which complement their assets/ figure while looking fashionable  with the proper stitching and pockets in all the right places. Not your daughter’s jeans missed that target. All their jeans feel like imitation  jean material and hardly have any outer stitching and the few pockets they have, they are not attractive at all.  So here is hoping someone is listening and can consider starting a line that could be labeled as “your daughter’s envy jeans” for under $50.00 and then we can talk.

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