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ocean and sun equal a happy me

You might say I am a serious sun worshiper but often times unable to enjoy a sunny day, thanks to the fog in San Francisco. So when the sun is able to outwin the fog on oh probably only about five days out of the summer months, I run to the beach and try to spend an entire day enjoying the sun and the ocean.

I usually pack an ice chest of goodies, such as fresh fruits, carrot sticks and humus dip and a bag of mini Oreo cookies (my favorite) as well as some music  (I-pod)  and I am there.

Ocean Beach in San Francisco has come along way since I was a kid, they actually keep it clean and monitored throughout the day to make sure everyone’s experience is most enjoyable. Families often picnic on the sand and play in the water, dog owners walk their best friend along the beach, and tourists, in rolled up jeans and fancy shoes try to walk across the sand to the edge of the water in order to take photos.

You also can’t beat the price of hanging out at the beach. It could be considered a mini vacation and a budget one as well. Oh and don’t let the breeze fooll you, bring lots of suntan lotion.


  1. Mauricio says

    Been to Ocean beach. Its one of my favs in the city. You can also surf and boogie board. Fun times!

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