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how much would you pay for a greeting card?

I am a greeting card fanatic  and a collector and a true appreciator of the evolution of the greeting cards. Get the point?  So with that said, I spend about thirty to forty minutes at the greeting card section in bookstores and visit every Specialty greeting card store in any and all malls.

What I have noticed, unfortunately, is the price of the cards ranging from $3.95 all the way to $10.95, making it a challenge to consider purchasing a good one no matter how we appreciate the person we want to give the card to.  I know gourmet cards is a new strategy used by the card companies (kind of like labeling restaurant cooking as Gourmet) in order  to stay in business since MOST ANYONE can make a card now on their computers or from products purchased at an ART store to create a card from scratch. The problem the distributors and designers don’t understand is that how could any (middle now referred to as poor class)  consumer consider purchasing a card well over $4.00? From the make believe middle class point of view, it’s almost as bad as looking at an Audi and then settling for a Daewoo instead.

I know the cards are exquisite and meant to be given from the heart and kept by the receiver in a special memory box, but at what price should all this happen?  Maybe I am wrong, but would you buy a greeting card at $10.95?


  1. Mauricio says

    I’ll spend upto $3 to $4 depending on what the card looks like and also what iut says. But if you get a card from me and you can tell it was $0.99 cents, trust me, it was sent with the same good will, intentions and respective feelings to the occacion.

  2. Shezza says

    Part of buying a card instead of making one is having someone else better express what you’re feeling. I agree with Mauricio regarding same sentiment/intention no matter what the purchase price of the card.

    That being said, you need to go with me to the gift center’s sample sale. Fabulous cards that can be had for a $1 each! Sure, I also buy retail to supplement my addiction. But I can’t justify more than $3 unless the card is their gift too.

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