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treat yourself at anthropologie

Some stores may be intimidating or just not the right style for some woman, so they simply avoid going in for the fear of the unknown or the lack of interest in experiencing something new. In my opinion, all women need to experience  Anthropologie and if you happen to live  in a city or town or a country where there is an Anthropologie store near by, please consider going in and buying yourself something just for the fun of it.

The store reminds me of  a cross between a French Provincial boutique with a hint of a shabby chic theme and although I am a fan of modern decor, I simply love walking through Anthropologie  and admiring all the colorful displays and products from ceiling to floor. I often buy myself a neatly wrapped bar of soap from France or a bizarre hook for my bathroom and even a costume jewelry piece with unique or unusual compilation of beads and colors stranded together. Kitchenware is also fun to look through and can be incorporated into any summer backyard bridal shower or a theme party.

The clothes are more for the younger crowd but once in a while you may run across a piece here and there that may work for the woman over 40. The nightwear section is the best part of the store because it  is geared toward  woman of all ages. So if you are in a much-needed day of self pampering, please consider doing so in Anthropologie and if you can please leave the children at home.

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  1. Mauricio says

    Travel tip: buy an aroma soap like the ones at this store (lavender is always a favorite) and place it in your travel bag. Your clothes will have a nice scent when you arrive at your destination.

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