getty museum garden envy

Nature, gardens, plants, trees and flowers, you name it and I am there to enjoy it and take pictures of. One place I completely love to visit is the Getty Center (Museum) Gardens in Los Angeles. It’s an inspirational place to say the least and an extra ordinary maze to walk through while enjoying over 134,00 square feet of pathways lined with exotic, amazing, colorful, beautiful plants, flowers and trees as well as streams of waters flowing down toward a neatly arranged sitting area under Bougainvillea vines intertwined inside several oversized wicker planters.

Everywhere you look, there is another rare flower in bloom and foliage in every shape, size, and color imaginable. Each plant is so strategically planted in order to get the proper light or shade necessary  for them to flourish to their full potential. There is nothing out-of-place and not a scent too strong. The feeling one gets walking about the gardens is unexplainable and yet recommended for everyone to experience at least once in their lifetime.

What I also find fascinating is  watching the people walk about the gardens, taking pictures and pointing out their favorites among the display. There is not a sad person in sight among the gardens,  the children skip about while parents converse and laugh. Everyone gathers at the pond for a group photo and seem to linger about the gardens for hours on end. I think the Getty gardens are as close to getting a glimpse of heaven as anyone can get while alive and to have the opportunity to get that feeling is simply amazing in my opinion.

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One thought on “getty museum garden envy

  1. Very nice place to escape to for the day. You forgot to mention the caffeteria, pretty nice set up and the food is good too!

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